Monday, July 23, 2012

Vote woozens for there articles to be on the site? lets see.

Riley2012 : Stop bullying its not good! I used to be a bully but now i've learned from my awesome friends Vote me!!!!!!!!!!

Stellzcruz21 : I'm doing something about racistsem its bad! stop it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                     Vote me!!!!!!!!!!!! plz!

Fantasypantsty0 : Stop cyber bullying! its bad and it can effect someones self a steem!
plz vote me plz!

Sally67 : Stop abuse now its bad and it hurts peole!
vote me! !

JBFan232 : Be who you wanna be not someone who wants you to be that other person! xXX!

HannaTiedTanna202 : If you be famous then you get lots of wooz thats a tip! 
Vote me plzzzzzzzzzzz! xxxxxxx

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