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What the wooz show!? With Jennywooz

                                                                                                   Happy 4th Of July!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Hey Woozens! Today were gonna talk about bullying. Well if you get bullied on WW  or in Real Life then Tell your teacher or your parents and if it keeps going on then tell them how you feel and that might help. Now if your getting bullied in WW report them if reporting doesn't work then try contacting WW INC and they might ban them for bullying 3rd thing to do is try talking to one of the animators and they might help you hope that helped.

Hola! Woozen's today were gonna talk about FASHION!!!!!!!!!! My fav thing is fashion LOL.
K so everyone has there own type of fashion style for an example:White   N   Purple! That's a cool style color now lets get to the fashion i'm wearing and then you can create your own!  -Bridget37 
                                                                 Hair: Wooz 36 Beex: 8
                                                                 Jacket: Wooz 60
                                                                  Legs: 40 Beex
                                                                  Shoes: 100 Wooz

Hey Woozens! I am making a "Best Movie Contest" Whoever Wins Get The Prize Of: Vip Clothes Girl/Boy So Do Your Best And Only 2 Can Make It!!!!!

Hey guys today is my first ever! Interview with Mod! Enjoy (:
Kalie785 (Me) : Hi mod!! So how is it working with WW INC?
Mod: Its actually really fun and awesome and i get paid to.
Kalie785 (Me) : Awesome! And how when you chat the color of your chat is gold?
Mod: Well since i'm a mod well everyone who is we got a special chat color.
Kalie785 (Me) : Oh awesome! So what is it like being so famous as a mod?
Mod: Well i don't think i'm that famous but many Woozen's know about me.
Kalie785 (Me) : Oh Nice! So how did you get the WW T-shirt?
Mod: Well i got it when i first made this account.
Kalie785 (Me) : Ohh I see And how come you look new? LOL.
Mod: Because i really don't go shopping alot but i got lots of things in my inventory.
Kalie785 (Me) Oh got you And how did you become a mod?
Mod: Well i work for WW so i have an account and i named it Mod so i just became 1
Kalie785 (Me) : Oh awesome! Well it was really awesome interviewing you.
                               Mod: It was awesome talking to you Bye! kalie785
                                Kalie785 (Me) Bye Mod!
                              That was epic! LOL thanks for watching our interview.

Hey Woozens! I've checked out alot of movies and i chosed a movie that should win so all the credit goes to!!!! DATBShow! Congratz they won!!!!!!!!!!!

Sup Everyone i'mma do a rap for you woozens enjoy... Mr. rapper in da house you cant beat dat mouse im on the flow i got to know where to go man i be chillin in my fluffy but you to man be acting like yall dummys im trying to stay cool wit the flow but yall cant handle me ya know! Done hope yall liked it.

                                                                     Site Views

Thank you all so much for 100 Site views!!! We really love you all! <3
-WoozStaution Team

Hey everyone! :D today is gonna be really fun! Our team has come up with "Spin The Wheel Games" You can win lots of stuff and if you don't win anything you still get the prize of 5 wooz and 5 beex! And plus VIPS Get 2 chances! In our game and hope you all have fun and have a great time!
-WoozStaution Team

Ah! Were all so exited! For the game it starts in 1 Hour!!!!!! Cant wait were all gonna have so much fun! <3

Omg Our game starts in 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! There's like 66 people waiting there thanks so much guys we love you all! 

Get ready guys our game starts NOW!!!!!!
-WoozStaution Team

We all had an amazing time almost half of the Woozens won everyone was happy it was just an amazing time hope everyone who didn't win still had fun! Were trying our best for everyone to be happy and win! Thanks everyone for all the support love you all.
-WoozStaution Team

Hey woozens! Visit our facebook page! 
-WoozStaution Team

Hey woozen's we have created a facebook page for WoozStaution so you all can keep in contact with us and everything because we love you all so feel free to ask us anything on facebook or on this site in the comments thanks.
-WoozStaution Team

Hey everyone were having a orange contest LOL orange like the fruit orange. Anyways you have to dress the most orange Shoes count the whole outfit gotta be orange (Sucks right LOL) But if you win then you get the prize of 40 Wooz! Hope you have fun doing the contest and if you don't win its Ok because this contest is just for fun! (: .
-WoozStaution Team

Hey Everyone here's a test if your like anyone in the group:
Whats your fav color? -Blue orange purple green yellow pink white black?
Whats your fav thing to do? Play basketball swim jump celebrating WoozStaution's birthday?
Whats your fav subject in school? Math Science Reading Writing?
Enter In The Comments Below What What's Your Fav you chosed and we well tell you who you are alike.
-WoozStaution Team

Wanna Be Apart Of The Group? But We Didn't Chose You Send Us An Email Write An Article And If We Like It Your Article Well Be Featured On The Blog! Our Email Is:
-WoozStaution Team

Article By: CandyswirlVIP
Hi I'm CandyswirlVIP and i just wanted to say i love WoozWorld so much if you don't play it check out the website at Its just a great virtual website hope you all have fun on there enjoy the Wooz Life!
By:  CandyswirlVip

Hey everyone today is a very important day i do this every week well lets start.
If your on or in real life or on
Be very careful! My other friend got kidnapped by telling her age she was 13 and she got kidnapped by telling her age/name and my friend had a facebook with her real name so she said im 13 and my name is i wont say the name so then online predators were emailing her and they searched her up on facebook found out where she lived everything and she got kidnapped and her parents weren't home they were at work so please be careful about your info.

Hi everyone summer is here summer break so i'm doing one of my "Next Top Model" games! But all the theme's well be summer fashion so try doing your best in outfits ill give you a tip what about green and white? or pink and white. Anyways hope you come and there only can be one winner.

Sup Woozens today we all gon talk about zombie legs (xD) well zombie legs are kinda of a show of because: Thousands of woozens want them and they cant get them and there spamming on ChuckNorris's wallz and yelling at him to put more zombie legs so i would per fer not wearing them or just wearing them with friends that have zombie legs or wearing them alone just my opinion you don't have to listen to it but yea.

Hey guys! I well tell you cheatz! And glitchez enjoy them there for WoozWorld but there really fun at the same time! :D 
1 Cheatz: Moonwalk in order to do the moonwalk on your chat barz type /moonwalk then walk.
2 Cheatz: The PC cheat in order to do the PC cheat is type /t the woozen you want to pc and press "Enter"
3: Glitchz the fireball! :D on your key board type up, up down, down left right left right.
Well that's the cheatz/glitchz! Thanks for reading.

Thank You For All Your Support And Visiting This Website Love You All <3 
-Wooz Staution Team.

Hey guys I've been going on this WoozWorld website created by a woozen named: --VelvetDust-- And that website inspired me so much i go on it every single day and that website makes me think of my own new idea's for this website i made every time i go on it i just love it and if you wanna check it out here it is and remember also go on our website to LOL :D and here's how it looks so yea check there's out and go on mine and to LOL :D

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